Digital native partners with Ackermans and PeP Stores to broaden customer reach

Some people, are virtual residents. They buy groceries, clothes, flight tickets, book spa visits, RSVP for birthday parties all in a digital world.  These digital natives, do not remember what life was like before Ipads and smartphones.

However, the early adopters of technology co-exist with those who experience the digital world as a discomfort due to security concerns about online transactions.  Although there are reportedly 80 million cellphones in SA, with approximately 1.5 devices per person, the uptake of online transactions, especially in non-urban parts of the country, has been relatively slow.

Digital native and CEO of DigiTicket SA, Tshepang Peme, 29, says his company had to explore a partnership with a bricks-and-mortar retailer, such as Ackermans and Pep Stores, to give customers the option of a physical store to buy tickets.  DigiTicket SA, offers a digital platform for the sale of tickets for events, booking of restaurant tables and guesthouse accommodation in Kuruman, Northern Cape.

“Customers will be able to buy tickets by walking into any PEP and Ackermans store, pay for their tickets and the customer will receive their tickets within 24 hours after the purchase in the form of an email, MMS or SMS,” says CEO of DigiTicket SA, Tshepang Peme.

The agreement, between the two entities, was concluded in April 2017.Since opening its doors early in 2016, the DigiTicket SA platform has serviced about 30 events and three accommodation venues in Kuruman and neighboring towns.


A year is a not a long time in business but it’s been enough time for DigiTicket to broaden its offering to include extending its service to free events where organizers need administration support, including statistics.

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