Political aspirants pledge to empower the youth as 100,000 join JIACTIVATE

Political aspirants drawn from across the political divide has pledged to empower the youth and create more job opportunities upon being elected to political office.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the JIACTIVATE Youth Declaration on July 4, 2017, the political candidates said the youth had the opportunity to steer the direction of the country’s leadership since they are now comprise more than 50 percent of registered voters.

According to the IEBC certified final electoral register, the total number of registered voters now stands at 19,611,423 registered voters and 9,930,315 persons registered are youth between 18-34 years old.

Over 100,000 youth and various youth-led groups have signed up for the JIACTIVATE youth social movement “all seeking to empower themselves and their peers while increasing their civic engagement for a better future,” said Sheenan Mbau, the JIACTIVATE Secretary.

Speaking during political candidates meeting, Ketorah John, the ODM National Youth President said the youth needed to take political leaders to task to ensure they curb spillage and wastage of public resources in order to accelerate the country’s economic development.

Kavore Kariuki, an independent candidate vying the Langata parliamentary seat said prudent management of public resources and the fight against pilferage of state resources has to start at the top.

Launched by a group of organizations, JIACTIVATE has provided a platform where youth can have their voice heard loud and clear by policy makers, politicians and the country at large.

The goal of the JIACTIVATE Youth Declaration is to promote youth participation in the political sphere and policy making, in order to ensure that youth programmes are youth centred and engage the youth directly.

JIACTIVATE has aggressively engaged youths in public debates across 36 counties encouraging discussions around issues affecting the youth and proposed solutions. Alongside the debates, other activities have been devised to continuously and interestingly grab the youth attention. Recently, local artists Redfourth Chorus and Fena Menal released a song titled ‘JIACTIVATE’ highlighting some of the identified top social issues including unemployment, food security, corruption and healthcare.

The song further calls for judicious vetting of national leaders able to address the challenges that affect the youth who have been largely marginalized and left out from the process of designing, planning and implementing policies that affect them.

“Through social media, music, art, activism and community events, young Kenyans have been strong agents of social change and justice while building the foundation of their future.” Michael Asudi, Chairman of JIACTIVATE.

As young people face many barriers to employment and youth-friendly health services among others, JIACTIVATE aims to combat stereotypes and forge a sense of empowerment among the youth

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